Thursday, May 27, 2010

Summery Update

In second term we focused on:

-Templates and CSS (cascading style sheets)

-FTP (File Transfer Protocol)

-RSS (Really Simple Syndication)


-Technorati and PING (Packet Internet Groper)


Throughout the weeks I made a blog and a web page. I couldn’t believe I could, but I have learnt a lot on Blogging and page making and where it focuses its association to the web.

CSS is either written in HTML or a similar language. Know this contains elements such as the layout, colors, and fonts. . This makes your document look attractive and appealing to who may ever stumble upon it, it is also quick to use and well organized. In my case I find this very hard to use just because I find that the ‘codes’ are a dilemma, don’t get me wrong it is organized, but if you make a mistake it will stuff-up your whole web design.

FTP stands for File Transfer Protocol. It copies files from a website. Plus it can be used for "downloading" files from other servers and used to send files from one computer straight to another… very beneficial and much more easy to use.

Counters… it is all to do with ‘fun and games’, but is a good indication on the number of visitors you have had to your site. These counters can count up or down, depending on your favorites. Counters are often presented similar to a digital clock.

Then we covered RSS. These are used to publish frequent updates such as blogs. RSS document consists of full text, metadata such as announcing dates and authorship.

PING and Technorati, PING is an acronym for ‘Packet Internet Groper’, this is a computer program that forwards data packets to check the quality of a link or verify the connection of a machine to the Internet. Technorati on the other hand lets you search for other people’s blogs and allows others to search for yours. Techorati has this idea called ‘Ranking’ where you try gaining authority from your blog through links to other blogs or sites.

In iWeb we formed our own website. iWeb is a effortless piece of software which allows you to alter settings with the chosen layouts and insert links and pictures and more pages to your site this here is fun and enjoyable peace of work but it is only used on the Mac sucked in PC users lol.

and here is my link to my web page

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